Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Goals - How'd I Do?

I got everything done that I wanted to do in April! YAY!! Although I owe you several blog posts to prove it! :)

*Finish the master bathroom & style it - YES! It is 99% finished, but no official "styling" yet :) Look for a post later this week for the big reveal!!
*Demo and get started on the hall bathroom - YES! The hall bath has been demo-ed and sheet rock is up!
*Create a home management notebook - YES!
          -collect and print out favorite recipes - YES!
          -create master grocery list - YES!
          -cleaning schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) - YES!
          -monthly calendar, birthday list - YES!
          -monthly budget, financial goals - YES!
*Celebrate with Sam and Vanessa!!! WHOO HOO!! April 28th, baby! - YES! It was SOOO wonderful!! Can't wait to get pictures and show you!

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