Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Jack - Ten Months

Birth: 7lbs 8oz, 21in long
1 Month: 9lbs 4oz, 22 3/4in long
2 Months: 11lbs 12oz, 24in long
3 Months: 13lbs 6oz, 25 3/4in long
4 Months: 14lbs 6oz, 27 1/4in long
5 Months: 15lbs 9oz, 27 3/4in long
6 Months: 16lbs 6oz, 28 1/4in long
7 Months: 17lbs 0oz, 28 1/4in long
8 Months: 17lbs 6oz, 28 1/2in long
9 Months: 18lbs 7oz, 29 3/4in long
10 Months: 19lbs 4oz, 29 3/4in long

Mom, you're not gonna try to take my picture again are you?

love this sweet look... :) melts my heart. 

his hair is getting longer in the back

Here is what Jack is up to at 10 months:
  • Jack still has two teeth, no new ones this month, but he sure is a drooling machine.
  • He is eating 3x a day now (still nursing 4x during the day) and this is what he eats, typically in this order:
    • Breakfast - 1 container of yogurt, 4 TBS of rice cereal/oatmeal
    • Lunch - 1 container of veggies, 4 TBS of rice cereal/oatmeal, 1 container of fruit
    • Dinner - 1 container of meat, 4 TBS of rice cereal/oatmeal, 1 container of fruit or veggies
  • Okay so as of his 9 month update, he was sleeping terribly at night. Heck, as of last week he was sleeping terribly! He had been taking a morning nap (10am-12pm), an afternoon nap (2pm-4pm), and then a quick "catnap" (6-6:45/7pm) to stay up long enough to see Jason at night (when he would get home from class around 8:30pm).  There was no way he could make it from 4pm to 8:30 or so without having a complete meltdown and then not being able to sleep well. Sooooo, I have moved his bedtime to 7:30. He eats his dinner around 6:30, then we start getting ready for bed at 7, go through our bedtime routine and then he will actually fall asleep about 7:30. We have been doing this for 1 week and so far he has only woken up 1-2 times at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That deserves all those exclamation points. Seriously. He had been waking up as much as 5-6x a night. It was unbelievable that we could function during the day.)
  • He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (especially the Hot Dog Dance), playing patty-cake, making a clicking sound with his tongue, standing up, crawling on all fours!!, holding a spoon while you feed him from a different spoon, waving, and when daddy comes home. 
And now a video of Jack on his ten month mirthday:

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