Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Jack - Nine Months

Birth: 7lbs 8oz, 21in long
1 Month: 9lbs 4oz, 22 3/4in long
2 Months: 11lbs 12oz, 24in long
3 Months: 13lbs 6oz, 25 3/4in long
4 Months: 14lbs 6oz, 27 1/4in long
5 Months: 15lbs 9oz, 27 3/4in long
6 Months: 16lbs 6oz, 28 1/4in long
7 Months: 17lbs 0oz, 28 1/4in long
8 Months: 17lbs 6oz, 28 1/2in long
9 Months: 18lbs 7oz, 29 3/4in long

Sweet silly boy.

And to think, our sweet silly boy looked like THIS 8 months ago: 

Here is what Jack is up to at 9 Months:
  • Mister Jack has two teefers (teeth)!! His first tooth came through on 2/13 and I mentioned in the 8 month update that his second tooth "sprouted" on 3/6! They are ADORABLE! He loves to do this face where he sticks out his lower jaw with his mouth open, (making kind of a triangle with his mouth?), and basically it cracks his mommy up. 
  • He is eating 2x a day (still nursing 4x during the day) and this is what he eats, typically in this order: 
    • Lunch - 1 container of veggies, 4 TBS of rice cereal, 1/2 container of fruit
    • Dinner - 1 container of meat, 4 TBS of rice cereal, 1/2 container of fruit
  • I'm working on some simple sign language, mostly around mealtime. I usually forget to ask him if he wants to EAT (sign) but I when he's eaten all his veggies, I'll ask "Do you want MORE (sign)?" and then after I do the sign, I'll put his little hands together and say it again and he usually freaks out like OF COURSE I WANT MORE!!! When we're done (usually all food has been consumed), then I'll say "All done!" and do the sign for that too.
  • He still (typically) takes awesome 2 hour naps (morning and afternoon), but oh mercy... nighttime is rough. Bedtime is typically 8:30, and then he will wake up at least twice, usually at 10 and then again about 2-3, sometimes more than that, and sometimes stays away for an hour!! So yeah... hopefully THIS is the month when he starts to sleep through the night again!
  • He likes talking a lot, blowing raspberries, clapping, sitting up unassisted, army crawling (or slithering, as shown in this video), loves playing with blocks, stacking rings, and his rubber ducky, and let's be real - Llama Llama is still king.
And now a video of Jackson for his nine month mirthday:

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