Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

This year we had Easter at my Uncle Steve and Aunt Holly's house in Trenton. Their neighborhood and house was badly damaged in the storms last April, and this was the first time we had been there since they have rebuilt. The whole neighborhood looks so different - we missed their house and drove right by! They used to be by a HUGE wooded area, which is now all gone. They have done a ton of work and it really looks wonderful. Bonus - the view of the mountains from their back porch is amazing!

Here's little man with Mimi.

"Suave" Uncle Nick, soon to be sister-V and my big bro Sammy.

Sweet hubby Jason and "I'm-making-a-silly-face-at-Jack" Poppy

My Great Uncle Lee, his wife Carolyn, Aunt Holly, Uncle Steve, Mom and Jack

Jack with Mamaw!
(Matt, my cousin, and his girlfriend Natalie had already left by the time I whipped out the camera.)

Sam has a mustache app on his phone and Nick was making everyone laugh while using it!

Nick is an awesome golfer and he and Uncle Lee were out back "talkin' shop".

After a yummy meal, it was time for some bubbles! Unfortunately the wind was blowing hard in the wrong direction, so they just kept coming back in my face instead of towards Jack!

Then Daddy gave it a go.

And this, one of my favorite sequences of pictures - Jason was tickling Jack's neck and he was SQUIRMING!! It was so cute!

And finally, a sweet photo of our family of 3! 
Happy Easter everyone!!


  1. Your outfit is so cute! And that precious baby smile makes me heart melt every time! He seems like such a happy baby =]

    1. Thanks Jordan! He is quite the charmer... I'm sure it will get him in trouble later in life. :) Or at least, I know that I'LL be in trouble - I won't be able to say NO!! Haha!


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