Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March "No Goals" - How'd I Do?

Even though I didn't set major goals in each category at the beginning of March, I did set some smaller goals that may have fallen by the wayside in previous months. I'm really glad I did this! I feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment getting these things done instead of setting new goals. :) So here we go:
  • hang Mom's Christmas present for us - YES! And it looks AMAZING! Thanks Ma!
  • catch up on listening to the 1 Peter Bible study - FAIL! Okay, so I did listen to 3 of them, but then I missed the next 2, so I'm still behind...
  • catch up on the James Bible study - YES! I have LOVED doing this study, and this week is our last week of homework... Have to say I'm sad that it's coming to an end!
  • lunch with friends - YES! I had lunch with Mary Beth, Cara, Katie C., Becca, Bailey, and my old bosses Rachel and Megan
  • finish through chapter 10 (part 1) of "Grace for the Good Girl" - YES!

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