Friday, April 13, 2012

Pantry: Before & After

At the end of March, I found out about a show called Clean Freaks (link to the whole show!) on HGTV that featured one of my very favorite blogs, iHeartOrganizing! I recorded it and I literally watched is 4 or 5 times. I was INSPIRED! 

My house was a wreck... cluttered and not clean, but this was the kick in the pants I needed to change that. I knew I had the time to do it, I just had to have the drive! I set a few realistic goals and one of them was to organize our pantry. 

Here is the before:
I had already pulled almost everything out of the bottom left before I thought "Hey, I should probably take a BEFORE picture..." There were 2 boxes of oatmeal, a box of Ritz crackers, a box of Club crackers, a cake mix & frosting, a brownie mix, a few packs of crackers, etc. etc. etc. 

Then the whole right side only has one shelf where we keep the spices and our medicines, and all our extra plastic bags. The bottom houses Dash's dog food, and a few stockpile items.

Now, before I got started on all this (and after seeing some of the AMAZING pantries on Clean Freaks - swoon!) I made a list of all the see-through containers I needed to buy to make my pantry into what it needed to be. Then when I actually started, I decided that once I decluttered and organized it, THEN I would decide what extra containers I needed.

Here's the after:
The bottom left has a little green basket full of oatmeal packets (rather than the boxes), and in the middle is a basket holding the sleeves of crackers (instead of all the boxes). Everything else is just reorganized a little bit on the left side and it looks and feels so much better! Then on the right side, I found the green container for $7 bucks at Walmart and filled it with the stockpile items on the bottom and the bags in the top drawer. 

So all in all I spent $7 on this little before and after! 
I may get some more see through containers at some point, 
but for now, it makes me happy every time I open it. :)

Have you done any spring cleaning projects?
(I know Alex has!)


  1. Looks great! Now you need to invest i some childproof latches because Ansley would have that all unorganized quick and once Jack is walking he will too! lol
    I have been trying to declutter before we put our house on the market. Its daunting but best to take one space at a time!

    1. I didn't know you guys were planning to put it on the market! Do you know where you're going to move? Like what area?

      And yes, you're probably right... I'm kind of dreading those days of "official childproofing"!


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