Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Goals

I am so excited that it's April!! Mostly because my amazingly wonderful older brother is getting MARRIED!!! To the greatest sweetest girl, who I am so excited to get to call my sister in 3 weeks! Eek!!

Another big thing is our bathroom remodels! The master is coming along nicely, and we're planning to jump right into the next one after this.

And the last big project I've got on my plate this month is to create a "home management notebook". I feel like I'm at a place with our house (since everything is close to being how we want it) and in my life (since I'm staying home full time) that I can finally get behind the idea. We shall see!!

*Finish the master bathroom & style it
*Demo and get started on the hall bathroom
*Create a home management notebook
          -collect and print out favorite recipes
          -create master grocery list
          -cleaning schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)
          -monthly calendar, birthday list
          -monthly budget, financial goals
*Celebrate with Sam and Vanessa!!! WHOO HOO!! April 28th, baby!

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