Thursday, March 22, 2012

Babbling at it's Best

Little mister has not stopped talking for 2 weeks. :) This video is a great representation of exactly how he is right now! Observant, funny, chatty, loud, and just plain FUN!  
Around 1:55 he sticks his tongue out and makes some "ma" sounds! He's been doing that for about a week, but can't do it on command like he can with "da-da". Hey - I'll take it!

At 3:05 he does pattycake (which he loves, by the way) and at 3:35 he does "happy and you know it". He LOVES to clap! 

I am so lucky to be doing my dream job and spending every day with this sweetie pie!!


  1. He is really growing! Look at those long legs!! So precious! :)

    1. He keeps growing, even when I tell him to stop! :) Love you Sam!

  2. very cute! It seems like when they find their voice they just don't stop making noise. Glad you are getting some "ma" sounds out of it!


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