Monday, March 5, 2012

Blue Bathroom: During Demo

Last week I showed you our Blue Bathroom: Last Before, so I thought I would give you the first update of many - the During Demo phase. 

The toilet, sink, shower doors, and door tracks came out pretty easily - within about 30-40 minutes! 

Then Jason spent the better part of the day busting up all that lovely tile, plaster, and metal mesh board stuff (that's the technical name, at least).    :)



The DUST from the demo... oh my word. It was unreal. Jason wore a heavy duty mask, with the window open, with a towel on both sides of the bathroom door, and it still ended up everywhere. Jason gave us the boot, and told me and Jack Jack to hit the road and get out of the dusty mess! 

He still has 1 1/2 more walls and the floor to do, but they should be easier than the shower itself was. 
The wall heat, that hasn't worked since before we moved in, is now out! By the way, neither of our bathrooms have heating/air ducts, so they are FREEZING in the winter and quite warm in the summer. Winter's worse though. Nothing like cold tile or a cold toilet seat early in the morning.

Here's a quick little video of the space after the first part of demo.

Aaaaaand here's the debris so far. Yikes.

Everything and the bathroom sink. 

This coming weekend we're hoping to finish the demo and then the fun part will begin!

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