Monday, March 19, 2012

March Goals - No Goals!

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It's over halfway through March and I realized there's really no way I'm going to get any new goals done this month... BUT Sarah (as in Rich, not talking in the 3rd person) suggested finishing up some goals that didn't get completed last month! And guess what? I was already doing that, so let's just make it official!

Here are my "let's try this one more time" March goals:

  • hang Mom's Christmas present for us
  • catch up on listening to the 1 Peter Bible study (3 wks behind)
  • catch up on the James Bible study (3 days behind from week 4)
  • lunch with friends
  • finish through chapter 10 (part 1) of the book "Grace for the Good Girl"

Okay, that seems doable! Then I'll be ready to go for April (WHAT?! April???) with new and goaly goals. :)

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