Friday, March 2, 2012

Jack's 1st Trip to the Aquarium

Last weekend we took Jack to the Aquarium for the first time! 

He actually had several firsts that day: 
1st time facing forward in the carrier
1st time to ride on the electric shuttle
1st time on an escalator
...and of course 1st time seeing jellyfish, otters, penguins, and sharks. 

Hangin' out with Daddy.

Here's a video I took of us looking in the mirrored wall! :)

And one Jason took of us looking at the fishes!! Little mister gets so excited. 

Then all of a sudden, we were about halfway through the newer building, and Jason noticed that Jack was completely passed out. :) He stayed asleep through the rest of the exhibits, a few minute walk, and the ENTIRE time I ate my ice cream at Cold Stone.

He is such a sweet baby.

We had a blast!! Can't wait to go again!


  1. What a fun day! The video of Jack getting excited about the fish is too cute!

    1. Thanks Holly! Yeah, he loved it! He also really loved the penguins, but then again- who doesn't love penguins?! :)


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