Friday, May 11, 2012

Bouncin' Bouncin'

On Wednesday we met up with several friends at an inflatables place close by. I was afraid Jack wouldn't have fun, but oh was I wrong!

Here's Jack's sweet friend, Eli - my friend Katie's son! He stuck his little fingers out and "danced"! (He's 3 months older than Jack.)

And here's Jack's friend Walker! I LOVE these photos - they make me laugh! Jack's face in the second one is hysterical! And then in the third, he's like "Do I like hugs?"

And finally some Mommy & Jack snuggles. 

And a silly Mommy & Jack video.

Do you see why I titled this post "Bouncin' Bouncin'"? Did you hear me say it like 50 times? :)

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