Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amelia Island Getaway - Part 3

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Whoa! Watch out there buddy!

We're back with the final installment of our Amelia Island Getaway! (part 1 here and 2 here). 

For lunch on Saturday we went to Brett's Waterway Cafe - boo. No offense "Brett" but we weren't impressed. But I did try calamari - it wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't bad. Anyway, then we walked around a little more and hopped back in the car to explore more of the island. We came upon Fort Clinch State Park and hung out there for a while.

This was the view while driving through the entrance and exit area -
 isn't it gorgeous?!

The incredibly loooooooooooooooong pier at the park.
It took forever to get to the end!

Saturday night we ate a late dinner at the Falcon's Nest at the Plantation. We had hot dogs and french fries, and the SAD THING was that this was our favorite meal so far! (At this point, we asked our waiter for recommendations so we could get some yummy seafood somewhere!)

Sunday was our lazy day. We ate breakfast, hung around for a long time at the beach and pool (the waves were INSANE that day - they never stopped!), ate lunch at the yummy Beach Club Grille, and then layed around in our room just relaxing and watching movies for some of the afternoon.

We ventured back downtown Sunday night to check out the Crab Trap, one of the seafood places that our waiter had recommended.

It was fabulous! We each had crab legs, fries, hush puppies - the works.
This was definitely our favorite place so far!

(Random added sidenote: the song "I Gotta Feelin'" came on twice in the car on the way down, once in the car when we were driving around Saturday, and then again in the Crab Trap on Sunday night! We hadn't heard it before, but once we got back I found out it's by the Black Eyed Peas and I'm sure I've just been living under a rock to not have heard it by this point, but anyway - random, but I wanted to remember that for later!)

We tried not to stuff ourselves too much because Jason had a hankering for ice cream! And the place made HUGE ice cream cones!
(Please note the surprised joy on his face as he's consuming this.)

Of course it was melting like crazy because, hello - it's FLORIDA. And he couldn't stop laughing about how hard it was to eat it!

Then we almost stole someone's kitty cat. I mean, come on - is she not the sweetest thing?! She had gorgeous blue eyes.

And Jason thought she could use a little Butter Pecan in her life.

Well Monday morning we packed up our stuff and said goodbye to the Amelia Island Plantation and to the island herself - it was time to go home.

We listened to Eragon on the way home and I tried my best to stay awake because we were both so tired!
It was a fantastic weekend and I'm so glad we decided to go!!!

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  1. sounds so much fun! I am hoping to plan a little surprise trip to the Huntsville space museum for Derrick at the end of the month-just a random getaway like that for cheap and lots of fun!


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