Sunday, June 13, 2010

Riverbend: Alison Krauss!

Last night we went to Riverbend! It's a Chattanooga tradition and we try to make it to at least 1-2 nights every summer.

Basically you walk around with a bazillion other people, until you find an act you want to listen to, then you listen, then you walk around some more (check out this cool sand sculpture showing the main acts for each night!)... some grub (like chicken-on-a-stick), drink some drinks (strawberry lemonade, be still my heart), keep walking, and finally once it gets dark, it's time for the main event.

Saturday night was Alison Krauss and Union Station! They were amazing - she truly has one of the most beautiful, pure, sweet voices I've ever heard - FABULOUS live! :)

And we ran into my mom and dad! They had a special table at a nearby restaurant where you could hang out and watch the performances, so we joined them for a while.
(I wuv my daddy!)

We had a great time! (By the way, if you ever go to Blue Plate - get the "Loaded Potato Chips". Whoa BABY!)

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