Monday, June 14, 2010

Peas and Cabinets

This weekend we kicked it into gear on our kitchen remodel! Friday we got the call that Tommy, who's helping us with everything, would be able to start today(!) so we worked hard to get as much done as possible to get ready for him. This included finally painting the shelves in the dining room area that have only had primer on them for over a year now... That's embarassing. But now they are beautfiul, white, and shiney!
(I will probably get your opinions on how to arrange things on this shelf once I get that far.)

Kitchen Remodel Checklist
*Paint the walls - finishing tonight!
*Paint the cabinets white - almost done...
*Paint the dining room shelves - whoo hoo! FINALLY
*Add shaker style trim to the cabinet doors
*New silver hardware for doors
*New stove/oven - will be installed tomorrow
*New lighting - buying tonight
*New granite countertops
*New sink, faucet, and garbage disposal

...We're getting there, friends. We're getting there.

In other news.... I HAVE PEAS!!!!!!! Look at those babies! Out of NOWHERE!!!! (Can anyone tell I'm excited? I actually squealed when I noticed them last night.)

Ahhh, summer.


  1. Progress is awesome!! It is always a looonger process than you think, so don't be embarassed. I had a squash when I looked yesterday!! yea! I didn't do the peas, might try next time. I love having a garden!

  2. Your peas look amazing. Betcha can't wait to eat them.


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