Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amelia Island Getaway - Part 2

So pretttttty... I can almost hear the waves... and feel the sunshine...

Oh, sorry! Where were we? Oh yes, Saturday. :)

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the big buffet breakfast. It was pretty dadgum expensive, but it was yummy. And hey - it's vacation. (I think I might have said that a lot last weekend...) Then we made a beeline for the pool!

Jason enjoyed the refreshing, cool water while I sunbathed and read Prince Caspian.

There were 4 sections of the Amelia Inn and Beach Club; our room isn't in either of these 2, but you get the idea.

Then we spent the rest of the morning at the beach, riding the waves, collecting seashells, and horsing around. Once we were fully exhausted from the ocean, we decided to head to the downtown area.

Downtown Fernandina was so cute! Here is the Lesesne House (though at this point I still haven't read the plaque...)

And here is the Nassau County Historic Courthouse (again, haven't read the sign...).

And here's just a view of one side of the street. All these beautiful streets with gift shops, restaurants, bookstores, clothing stores - it was really fun!

Then Jason spotted this gorgeous Shelby and had to grab a few shots.

Speaking of shots.

More to come - I know you are waiting with baited breath!

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