Monday, January 7, 2013

January Goals

I've really been thinking hard about some practical goals for me to accomplish to start this new year (a week late), and I think I came up with PLENTY! Like probably more than I'll be able to do...

House & Home:
*Meal plan for the rest of the month (Bri, you were my inspiration on this!)
*Grocery shop SMART and save us some moola!
*Make a freezer inventory list and then use what we have
*Keep the house looking nice (15 minutes or less away from being clean!)

*Write up a post about our vacation
*Start (& hopefully finish) our Disney Vacation Shutterfly book
*Write in my journal every night before bed (been doing it for a week so far! Longest I've EVER kept up journaling!!)
*Continue reading through the book of Luke
*Go to Bible study and MOPS when they start back
*Go on the Women's Retreat with my church!!

Preparing for Baby:
*Move furniture (not me, of course - I'll just facilitate) between the office (future Big Boy Room) and nursery
*Paint the Big Boy Room, find curtains, make wall art, etc.
*Blog about Jack's nursery one last time before we make the switch (I'm gonna CRY over here!!!)
*Figure out what in the world to do about the closet situation (I'll be asking for advice on this one!)

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