Monday, December 31, 2012

December Goals - How'd I Do?

Well, we made it through December! (Literally - the world didn't end!) And there was a lot to be done, but we did everything we needed to do!! PLUS Jason graduated with his MBA, which I didn't even include on my original list! I still haven't gotten a chance to recap our big, wonderful, exciting VACATION that we took this month, but I promise I will get to it in January! :)

  • Read 3 books - I read 5*FIVE*5 books!! BOOOO-YAH!! Hey, I was on vacation! Reading is ALL I DID!!! Take Three, Take Four, Unlocked, Leaving, and Learning
  • Finish Christmas shopping by December 15th - Yes! For the first time ever!
  • Wrap all presents by December 17th - Yes!! Again, for the first time ever!
  • Keep the house "clean" and nice through the holidays :) - Meh... no complaints from the hubby. If it wasn't clean-clean, it was about 10 minutes from clean most of the time.
  • Enjoy Sounds of Christmas, Nick's band concert, Sunday school Christmas party, and any other fun Christmas-y things we go to!  - Yes! More about our Christmastime Happenings in this post!
  • Celebrate Christmas with our families!! (& our last Christmas as a family of 3!!) - Yes! What a wonderful Christmas it was!! Here's the first post about our Pre-Christmas festivities and then another post about Christmas Day.

Another month - another YEAR gone by!!! I can't believe it! I feel like I'm just now getting used to writing 2012 on stuff... Anyone else with me on that?

I'm still thinking through my yearly goals and January goals, but I will hopefully have them up soon! Thanks for sticking around this 'ol blog over the last year! 

I can guarantee there will lots more fun stuff coming up this year!

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