Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Oh man, I LOVE Christmas morning!! Jason and I didn't do gifts for each other this year (because we got to enjoy a BIG shared gift... details to follow) and we didn't really get Jack a whole lot - a little recliner, a set of blocks, and some books - BUT it was so fun to place them beneath the tree and then go wake Little Man up to come see all the fun!

He saw his new Charlie book first!

Then it was time to play with blocks with Daddy!

He made the BEST faces while he was playing with them the first time!

Yay blocks!!!

After a yummy meal of breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls, we headed over to my Uncle Steve and Aunt Holly's house for Christmas with the Richeson side of the family. 

Nick posing with his new socks - one is Superman, one is Batman and they both have CAPES! Ha!

Jack just itching to open a present...

Me and my beautiful sister, Vanessa!

"Chocolate milk?" - anything that has anything to do with chocolate is always chocolate milk, thanks to his Daddy.

Don't take my chocolate, Poppy!

the crew

Silly Nick with his new shirt.

All the cousins with Mamaw!

Guin kids! I love my brothers!!

After that we headed up to the Millers house to see all the Cox family relatives and exchange gifts, but I completely forgot to take any pictures! I'm pretty sure I was chasing someone around, but I can't quite think who it was... :) Jack got a lot of cute clothes, a ride-on puppy toy!, a cool cube with games on all four sides, a giant teddy bear, and some rain boots!

We didn't get a chance to exchange our gifts with the Guins on Christmas day, so on Thursday we headed up to Mom and Dad's to have a yummy dinner and open presents. We got my mom a Christmas CD so we were all dancing with Jack in the kitchen!

Dancin' with my sweet boy!

Uncle Sam and Aunt Nessa got Jack a basketball goal!! He has been looooving that for sure.  

Sorry for the blurry pictures, but they were still sweet.

We got spoiled again this Christmas, getting all kinds of sweet, practical, and meaningful gifts from our families. We are SO BLESSED!!

(And we can't believe that this time next year, Jack will be almost 2 1/2, we'll have a 9 month old little brother, and Hunter & Elizabeth will have an almost 10 month old little boy!! CRAAAAAZY!!)


  1. I love Nick's shirt! Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows!! Happy New Year, Sarah! Hope you are incredibly blessed in 2013!

    1. Haha - I don't think he's taken that shirt off since Christmas! We don't watch the show, but my family is crazy about it. Happy New Year to you too!!! Hope you start feeling 100% soon! :(


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