Monday, December 10, 2012

Jack's 2nd Haircut

Last week, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get Jack's hair cut. I mean, it was his SECOND cut, for crying out loud - not his FIRST haircut! Why was I so hung up about it?

(please ignore my weirdo face - I was trying to get him to look at me so Mom could get a picture of the curls)

But alas, it had to be done. It was just getting too long.

Need further proof? This is the (horrible) picture I took about 10 seconds before I made the decision to get it cut that day. Poor kid couldn't see! And where are his ears?

So off we ventured to The Peak to have LeAnn cut little man's hair. 
Don't let that sweet smile fool you - he was a PILL almost the whole time! He did NOT want to sit by himself in the "big boy chair". He did NOT like the water she sprayed on his hair. He did NOT like if the comb touched his ear. He DID, however, like the "buzz buzz", when she did his "sideburns". Yes, Jack is most definitely his father's son - he has sideburns already!

He loved playing with the comb. And thank goodness for Mimi - she was crowd control the whole time and made noises with her fingernails on the comb, which kept him mesmerized for the majority of the time. Other moments were filled with bites of "chin-en" - aka chicken nuggets. 

Here's the sweet after - and look! She trimmed it up but was still able to leave some curl in the back! Yay!!! HAPPY MOMMY!!! :)

I think he looks quite handsome and I'm so thankful I went ahead and got it cut! :)

Was anyone else out there more worried about your kid's 2nd haircut than their 1st?!?

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