Monday, August 20, 2012

Disney World - Day 4

(I'm super way behind on my Disney posts! While we were there, I really tried to keep up with writing daily recaps so I wouldn't have to remember later, but I'm pretty sure that Day 4 was just about as far as I got. :) So we'll see how the last two days go, then we have ANOTHER trip to recap! Ahh!!)

This morning (July 17th) was a very special morning! Today was Jack's first haircut!!! We made it to the Magic Kingdom just in time for his 10:00am appointment at the Harmony Barber Shop. He did GREAT! Nick got the whole thing on video, and Mom got some great photos. He looks like such a big boy now! 

After with Beverlene

Then we stopped to let me get a GIANT cinnamon roll for breakfast, and Mom and Nick rode the Buzz Lightyear ride while I waited and went to the baby care center. Then Nick rode Space Mountain while Mom, Jack, and I rode Buzz. Jack fell asleep in the line and slept through the whole ride! The Monsters Inc Laugh Floor was up next, while Mom waited with Jack. Then we headed towards Dumbo! It's newly renovated and has an air conditioned play area while you wait! It was lots of fun. 

After lunch we took the tram back to Epcot to head back to the hotel to swim. Nick and I went down the giant waterside - it was lots of fun! Jason joined us for a little while until a storm made everyone get out of the pool. 

This night was a special night for me and Jason, while Mimi amd Uncle Nicky hung out with Jack. We went back to Epcot and had dinner at Tutto Italia, an awesome restaurant in Italy! Mmmmm!!

We walked around a bunch, and went on Maelstrom & the Three Caballeros rides. Then we watched the IllumiNations fireworks around the lake. We actually got to walk around holding hands - no one had to push a stroller! :)

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  1. The haircut event looks like so much fun! And e did such a great job! Oh and I still can't wait to hear about you being preggo again! Need to chat soon!


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