Thursday, August 23, 2012

Disney World - Day 6 (FINAL Update)

We got a late start this morning (Friday, July 19th), thank GOODNESS!! We headed to Epcot around 11 and got a few souveniers then ate brunch at a French cafe (ham and cheese quiche and a chocolate croissant). After walking around a little more, we went back to the Three Caballeros ride with Jack and he loved it!! 

Then we went to Living with the Land and Jack fell asleep on Daddy. :) We were hoping to do Nemo when he was awake, but we went ahead with him sound asleep. We thought we wanted to do Ellen's Energy Adventure, but Mommy (as in, me) vetoed it when they said it lasted 45 minutes. :)

Back to the room we went for a little down time. Here's our MESS of a room. 

Seriously, disaster area.

Even though we were still exhausted, we knew we wanted to go back to the Magic Kingdom, so we took the bus for our last evening at the parks. When we got there, Jason said we should go straight to the theater to see if we could meet Mickey. Turns out, it was only a 15 minute wait!! We got to meet Mickey and Minnie, and get autographs and pictures! So fun!!


I HAD to get a Dole Whip while we were there, and it was really yummy! I got the swirl which had pineapple juice, but it would have been just as good (or better) with just the pineapple ice cream. Yum!! 

We rode Pirates again then Jack passed out and we got popcorn. We walked around for a little longer, but when we realized that Peter Pan was an hour wait, we knew there wasn't much else we wanted to do. So we rode the monorail back to Epcot, and Jack kept sleeping!

We had every intention of calling it a night, but we decided to let Jack ride the Donald Duck ride again since he got so excited about it last time. We stopped in "Club Cool" and they had an assortment of cokes you could try from other countries - like at the Coke Museum! (I was shocked this was free!) 

We rode the duck ride again and he loved it again, stopped at a food cart and got BBQ stuffed bread and a strawberry oolong tea slush and ate it on our way back around the countries. Jason stopped at the crepes cart and got an ice cream crepe! Then he stopped in at the French cafe and got a ham and cheese croissant and two apple turnovers (we waited until we got back up to the room for those - um, they were the most amazing apple turnovers I've ever had. Ever.)

Whew!! I clocked over 8 miles on my pedometer today! Add that to the 7 from the day before, and about 5 from the previous days, and sheesh!! That's a LOTTA walking! (25+ miles??) We came back and packed (bleh), then hit the sack. 

The next day we headed back to Knoxville, then drove home. Man, what an AMAZINGLY fun trip! But wow, were we exhausted!!

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  1. I have LOVED all of these Disney updates! Makes me want to plan a trip soon. :) Also, Dole Whip is THE. BEST. Yum.


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