Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From a Turtle to a Parrot

We've been in and out of town lately and have missed several Sundays in a row at church, so when I took Jack to his Sunday school class two days ago, they informed me that he was moved up to the next class (the Parrots).

Okay, mothers out there. I am not super crazy about all this, but I PANICKED!! What?! But we love our teachers! We love our room! We're comfortable there! I NEED WARNING, PEOPLE!

Anyway, so I head all the way down the hall to a new classroom with new teachers and several kiddos I didn't recognize off the bat. And this is the scene when I walk in...

...Well, let me back up. First I'll set the scene of the other classroom: 6-8 little ones crawling all over the large room, playing with toys, swinging in swings, some happy, some crying, not chaos, but not completely calm either.

Now, the new classroom. I walk in and 5-6 precious little ones are quietly sitting down in tiny little chairs at a tiny little table, happily (and did I mention quietly?) eating cheerios. The first thought that goes through my head is "My kid is not going to sit still and each cheerios at a tiny table!"

But oh, how I was wrong! He was THRILLED to sit at the table and eat cheerios. He laughed and giggled when I set him down in the tiny chair! I cannot get the precious image out of my head, when I was walking out of that room, to see my grown up little man doing as the other big kids were doing.

Toooooo much!!!


  1. Aww, what a precious thing! They grow up so fast.

  2. Totally know the feeling. Bob and Susie Wade are great teachers. Ansley started sitting at she and Garyn's little table. She shocked me the first few times because I would get a snack out and she would run to the table and wait for me. I thought, um where did she learn this....I guess at church!


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