Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pre-Christmas 2012

Christmas with the Camps & Nick's 15th Birthday
On December 16th we got together with the Camp side of the family (my dad's mom, brothers & their families) for Christmas festivities!

All the cousins did a gift exchange, and it was really fun!

Sam opened up some tupperware and febreeze! Haha!

Hannah and Emily opening gifts

Steve, Laquada, and Granny looking at the wedding book Sam & Vanessa made for Granny.

Then, much to his surprise, Mom brought out a cake for Nick! It was the day before his 15th birthday and he didn't think anyone was going to remember. He truly was shocked! :)

Sam and Nessa with Little Man!

Daddy, Mommy, & Jack!

Jack was SO PUMPED about opening gifts this year! He would pull a tiny piece of wrapping paper off and then squeal and laugh about it!

Christmas Eve Service at RBBC
We went to the Christmas Eve service church this year, which I hadn't been to before. It was great! I needed to get my mind off of the craziness of the holidays and get focused on what is truly important. 

Christmas Eve with the Millers
Hanging out at the Poe's house for the Miller families Christmas. We always have a great time talking, laughing, and doing a big gift exchange.

Some of the sweet cousins.

Gettin' tickled by Daddy...

Enthralled with the GIANT tree!

Next up: Christmas DAY festivities!!

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