Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Babymoon 2011 - Punta Cana, DR

Sunday night after two fun-filled days in Atlanta & Miami, we flew to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! The airport there was totally open-air, it was so cool! We had to go through customs which took a little while, then took a crazy cab ride to our resort - the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana

Monday morning started our restful, amazing, wonderful vacation. :) We did a lot of laying by the beach and by the pool for the first two days. Literally - that's all we did (lots of reading!!).

The pool area was beautiful, but since it was Spring Break, it got a LITTLE crazy at times.

Our room was really great! It was bigger than we expected with a fabulous bathroom (shown in the video). The best part was that we were in Villa 1 which was the furthest away from the lobby (lotsa walking) but the CLOSEST to the beach and pool! Literally STEPS away from bliss!

The only real negative about our room being where it was, was that some drunken group of college kids would come by EVERY night between 2:00-2:30am screaming, and hoopin' & hollerin'. THAT was super annoying. Like SUPER annoying.

Our main form of transportation (other than tons of walking) was the "trolley" which took us from one end of the resort where our room was, to the other end, where the lobby and main restaurant was.
"Somebody's at the door!" - when the trolley bell would ring at a stop, there was this little boy one night that kept saying "somebody's at the door" over and over again. It was so cute! So we said that all week.

Open area lobby:

On Wednesday we went on an excursion to the Marinarium Marine Park & Aquarium to snorkel and swim with stingrays and nurse sharks! It was so cool!!

does it get any better than this?!

I couldn't get the picture to scan, so here's a picture of a picture of us holding a sting ray!!!

Me & my baby daddy.

Thursday was another lay around and relax day (I read 3.5 books while we were there!) And Friday morning we got up super early to make it to the airport in time to go through customs and all that junk (glad we went as early as we did too!) to fly back to Miami and then to Atlanta and then drive home. Whew! 

It was truly a fantastic vacation!! 
I'm rested, refreshed, and TAN - what more could I ask for!?

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  1. That place is GORgeous!! Oh wow. The white sand and blue skies - how perfect. SO glad you had a great time!


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