Friday, March 25, 2011

Blue Bathroom

One room in our house that doesn't get ANY love on the blog is the master bathroom.
I realized that I don't have ONE picture of the blue bath on the whole blog! And right this moment, I can't find a "before" picture, though you can just picture the above space EXACTLY as it is except with blue carpet on top of the blue tile. I (finally) deep cleaned the blue bath last weekend so what you're seein' is as good as it gets! (I love how streaky the mirror looks in this picture.. whoops. And the fact that the two brown towels don't actually match. Hmmm.)

Overall, though, it is similar to Young House Love's yellow guest bathroom. Somehow their's looks quaint and cute and ours look eeeek and outdated.

The shower in the blue bathroom works but leaks into the basement, so we have not used the shower in here since... month 2 of marriage?

Once we knew we were going to be re-doing this bathroom, Jason decided to take a sledge hammer to the shower, annnnnnd: it looks like this!

We're definitely going to be re-doing this bathroom (and the pink hall bath) but right now we're debating whether or not we want to undertake this project BEFORE the baby comes or wait until later AFTER the baby...

Two major bathroom renovations in 2-2.5 months? Can it be done?


  1. I think updated light fixtures is an easy thing that makes a huge change in that master bath. Oh, and pretty curtians. I say go for it before baby.. Once baby is here you wont want to do anything else for a while.

    How is the nursery coming along?

  2. I can tell you from two different angles, having been thru this! Once baby is born you will most likely put it off ezpecially if you are going to do any of the work yourselves. But at the same time, you will want to have it done about a month before your due date..because you will start nesting and to have a bathroom all torn up with tools and toiletries spread out everywhere...well lets just say it will drive you crazy. Thats where I have been the last week or two. We have done a lot of projects and Tyler has done most of the work so it always takes longer. I have been wanting it to all be done and put back in order! SO my suggestion would be to go ahead and do one of them, because you probably won't do it for another year if you don't, but give yourself a few weeks for it to be done and things back in order. Sorry this is so long!


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