Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Lawhorn {Week 25}

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How far along?: 25w2d
How big is baby?: The size of an eggplant.
Weight gain/loss?: +8-9 lbs
Food cravings?: Raisin Bran cereal. :)
Gender?: Boy, oh boy - it's a BOY!!
Movement?: All the time, baby!
Belly button?: Still seeing more of the inside of it each day. Yikes. 
What do you miss?: Missed having a few alcoholic drinks on our vacay, but nothing to be too sad about!  
What are you looking forward to this week?: Working on our house to get it more and more ready for baby boy!

Sleep?: Still sleeping pretty well! And enjoying every last minute of it.


  1. Sarah has a BELLY!! this is a first!! It is soo cute by the way! only a few more months and you will have baby in arms!! Any names?

  2. I craved cereal too! Sooo good! Soak this all in because the next 15 weeks will fly by!


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