Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celeb Sighting

A few weeks ago, Jason and I went to Hiroshi's, a local sushi place, for a "later than usual" dinner. (No worries for this pregnant girl, I don't eat sushi - but they have great chicken teriyaki!) Anyway, we had just ordered and were sitting at our table chatting, when all of a sudden Ty Pennington walked in the door. No joke - it was Ty!

Now, on any given day I would have been completely SHOCKED by this, and probably wouldn't have believed it was him, but anyone from around here knows that Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to our city a few weeks ago and built a house for a deserving family. So we knew Ty was in town, but would have never guessed that we picked the same place to dine on that specific Friday night.

He and two friends were sitting not 10 feet from our table.
But of course, he kept his back to the majority of the restaurant.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Great photo, Sarah. You can't even tell it's him. And I agree. You just have to go with me on this one. And besides, he wore that same goofy hat in the reveal the next day:

What was really crazy was that only one (maybe 2) other table in the whole place even knew he was in there! Since he probably never gets to eat out without being bombarded, we decided not to bug him... though I secretly wish we had!

Have you ever run into a celebrity unexpectedly?

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