Friday, February 1, 2013

January Goals - How'd I Do?

I was pretty ambitious for January, but hey - it's the New Year - who isn't ambitious? I actually accomplished a LOT! I will tell you, if you've never written down your goals for the month (or week), try it sometime. You will be surprised at how much you can get done! (As long as you check back with it a few times throughout the month.)

Now, hear me: it doesn't mean you'll get it all done. You probably won't. I hardly ever do. BUT as I've said before, that's the beauty of it - you get to wipe the slate clean on the 1st of the next month and try again! Okay, here's how I did:

House & Home:
*Meal plan for the rest of the month - YES! This was REALLY good for me to do. The meals didn't always happen on the nights I originally planned for them, but I did buy everything I needed all at once so I had fewer nights where I was scrambling to get something together. 

*Grocery shop SMART and save us some moola! - I did buy most everything I needed ahead of time, but then I would have to run in to get milk a LOT and would always walk out with more than I needed... So saved some, spent some... we'll go with MAYBE on this one.
*Make a freezer inventory list and then use what we have - YES! Another really useful thing I did this month! I stocked up on chicken at the beginning of the month and then I don't think I had to buy meat again all month. However, I already need to re-do this to be more universal, then laminate it or put it in a sleeve so I can more easily change the numbers. 

*Keep the house looking nice (15 minutes or less away from being clean!) - YES! I would say this was a success. I still make our bed every single day (and have for over a year!), everything in the living room has a place so it's easy to pick up quickly... the biggest offense is the kitchen. It's either really great or a total mess. So I need to work on being more consistent in there...

*Write up a post about our vacation - YES! Here is our Jamaican Vacation post. Ahhhh... wish I was basking in the sun now...
*Start (& hopefully finish) our Disney Vacation Shutterfly book - YES! Whoo hoo!! This is one of those things I've been putting off and I'm so glad I finished it. HOWEVER, I made an 8x8 book and they NEVER put them on good sales, so I'm just waiting until it goes 50% before ordering. Then I'll share!
*Write in my journal every night before bed - YES! I'm really glad I journaled for over a month, but the last 4-5 entries were super short and I just did them because I had committed to doing it. Some days I wrote 2-3 pages because I was really on a roll or God was really working on something in my heart, so those days were definitely worth journaling. BUT I am NOT keeping up with this on a daily basis from here on out. :)
*Continue reading through the book of Luke - YES! This was just a 12 day reading plan (so as not to overwhelm me), and I finished it! I think I will try to do 1 reading plan a month maybe? It's better than me thinking I'm going to do the read the Bible in a year plan and then totally failing. :-p
*Go to Bible study and MOPS when they start back - YES!! I LOVE my Bible study girls and I LOVE MOPS!!! The fellowship with other moms and fantastic women in my church is just what I need each week. 
*Go on the Women's Retreat with my church!! - YES!! It was FANTASTIC!! I drove up with Stephanie, Kelsey, Lindsay, and Hillary and then roomed with Steph, Kelsey, and Blair! It was such a fun weekend spending time with WONDERFUL women!
"Seasons of Sisterhood" with speaker Tammy Bass

The 100+ amazing women!

Preparing for Baby:
*Move furniture (not me, of course - I'll just facilitate) between the office (future Big Boy Room) and nursery - YES! Thank goodness Uncle Hunter came to help Jason with all that. Pictures soon, I promise.
*Paint the Big Boy Room, find curtains, make wall art, etc. - ALMOST! Mom and I got it painted, and Jason put up the curtains, but I still need to do several "finishing" projects... which I hope I actually do. I've kinda lost my steam/nesting mojo.
*Blog about Jack's nursery one last time before we make the switch (I'm gonna CRY over here!!!) - YES! Here's my Last Look at Jack's Nursery, and I'm so glad I did it because once we moved one thing, we started moving it all and it looks totally different now. Again, I promise I'll do pictures soon. 
*Figure out what in the world to do about the closet situation - FAIL! My closet is the closet in the Big Boy Room, so I know I've got to move my stuff out of there: 1) so they boys can have the closet, and 2) because it's super annoying to need a shirt or scarf or something and Jack be asleep in there. We're close to finding a good solution, but just haven't done it yet. 


  1. Way to go Sarah!! Very awesome and attainable goals.

    1. Thanks Jordan! Hope you're doing well!! :)

  2. Awesome! You got a lot done. I am ready to get back on track with goal making. It really does make a difference when you write it down and feel responsible for getting it done.

  3. I'm so impressed. Writin my copy-cat goals for the month post right now. Don't think I have quite as many yesses...oh well!


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