Friday, February 15, 2013

Evolution of the Big Boy Room

{This is my 900th POST!!! Oh my word, I can't believe I have been blogging long enough to have 900 posts. Wow!}

Let's start at the VERY beginning, yes? Here is the back bedroom when we first bought the house 4 years ago. We affectionately called this room the Rainbow Room, and planned for it to be our office.

As the office it was a mishmash of furniture, and no one really used it much. 

Then we got rid of the couch and added a full sized bed to make this an office/guest room when Jack came along. As you can see with the addition of the two computer monitors and the TV, Jason actually did use this room! The bedding was from my apartment, and we actually got new bedding before we changed this to be the Big Boy Room (BBR), but this is basically how it looked for over a year.

And NOW as the Big Boy Room!!
Navy blackout curtains, blue-gray walls (the same color as our hall bathroom), a fun new train table, my FAVORITE trellis rug, and some of Jack's furniture (crib, changing table, bookshelf) from the nursery. Now, I hesitated to even post pictures yet, because it's not "done" but who am I kidding - things are NEVER done around here!!

Now for my favorite view! The stripes wall!!!
I REALLY love how this turned out, but I almost gave up on it before even starting! We have plaster (read: textured) walls and trying to use a laser level to pencil in a straight line was IM-POSSIBLE!! Luckily my friend Casey's sister had written a blog post about painting stripes in her boys' room, and it was immensely helpful! Measure down from the ceiling and draw dots every foot or so, then connect the dots with tape. Brilliant! My mom painted everything else while I taped up the stripes. It took a while but I'm so glad I didn't throw in the towel! 

I have a really cool map that I got for Jason a few years ago, that I want to frame and put above the crib, along with a few other accents to make the space feel more finished. 

I was also planning to put shelves above both windows to corral all of Jack's stuffed animals, but for now, they live here. :)

And just to show you where we are in the nursery, here's a "right now" picture. I didn't even try to straighten up.
We moved the full size bed in here (see the awesome new bedding hiding under all that junk?), left the big chair, and got a crib that matches Jack's (thank you Miller family!!) which will go on the left wall. I plan to sleep in here at the beginning with Little Brother, nurse in the chair, and let him sleep in his big boy crib (which Jason will be assembling this weekend). 

We are going to play it by ear to see how long we will have the baby in here before moving the boys into a room together - probably 9 months-1 year, but we'll see. Then we'll have another furniture rearrangement and make this room more formally the guest room. Or maybe I will have already changed my mind by then. :)

And like I said, the BBR is not "finished" yet, but we're getting there!

Jack loves the "neeeeeew room" and has been sleeping like a champ in there! 


  1. 900??? That's fantastic! Way to go!! I LOVE the Big Boy Room - especially the rug. Gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks Rachel! We love how it's turning out! :) And the rug was my big splurge... So glad I bought it!!


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