Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Unexpected Snow Day

Last Saturday (February 2nd) we woke up to a chilly morning... that turned into an unexpected snow day!! Well, unexpected for me, since I never watch the weather. 

Jason was out of town for a Men's Conference, so Jack and I decided to go to Lillie Mae's (our favorite Saturday morning breakfast place) by ourselves. It started snowing a little while we were getting ready, then by the time we were getting in the car, the flakes were big!

We made and sent this video to Daddy to prove that it was snowing!

So we start on our way to Lillie Mae's and right before we got there, I made the executive decision, that it would probably be smarter to grab Hardee's and get back home. So in the time it took to go through the drive thru and get back on the road, it was getting REALLY crazy! 

As I was starting up the hill past our church (all of these places are literally within 1/2 mile of our house), the people ahead of me started to slow down or even stop, and you KNOW that if you slow down, your car is WAY more likely to start sliding. Yeesh. So the van starts sliding and I realize that there is no way I'm going to make it up the hill towards our house. It was time for another executive decision: I could go a little farther and keep trying (and risk having to walk a LONG way, by myself, pregnant, with a toddler, in the snow), or since I was right by the church, I could pull in and wait it out there. Upward basketball was going on, so there were lots of people there. I decided to pull over and slowly, carefully walk down to the church gym with Jack.

We sat in the gym and ate our breakfast and told a few people our story of being "stuck" there until it slowed down. Then the sweet Fraker family offered to take us home. We all piled in their van and Mark said he would bring my van by after they dropped me off. (SO SWEET!!) Well, sure enough, there were still a million cars pulled over on the same hill, so they offered to take me to my mom's house instead. (Crazy that I couldn't make it from church to my house which is super close, but we could make it up Signal!

The wonderful rescuing Frakers! They even stopped at Walmart to grab some diapers for me since I didn't have any with me and wasn't expecting to be out all day. LIFE SAVERS!!

So we spent the rest of the day at my parents' house until Jason got home from his conference. Turns out, Vanessa couldn't get her car home either, so she came over too since she was stranded with no car like us! We had a fun day just hanging out!

Whew! What a CRAAAAZY day it was. And by the time we finally made it home, there was hardly a sign that it had even snowed.

Did you have any adventures this weekend?

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