Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Goals - How'd I Do?

Well, to say that February was an exciting month would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!! I never dreamed that Miller would come this early, but it's a good thing that I was on top of all my goals WELL before February 18th! Yay!!!

For Me:
Read Steady Days, finish Seven, finish Shepherding a Child's Heart - YES! I can't believe I finished all of these books! Whoop whoop!!
Enjoy a pre-baby luncheon with friends and a Sunday school baby "sprinkle" - YES! I will be doing a post on this soon!

For Home:
Finish painting and hang up HOME letters in living room - YES! 

Paint the bathroom ceilings - FAIL! But did I really think I would do this? ....Nope.
Finish "styling" the Big Boy Room and take pictures! - FAIL - but I did reveal it on the blog! So that's something! 
Set up Little Brother's crib and take pictures of the room! - YES & FAIL - the crib is up and being used, but no pictures have been taken. Yet.

For Kiddos:
Wash all of Jack's 0-3mo clothes for Little Brother - YES! And it's a good thing I did!
Enjoy our last month as a family of 3 - YES! Well, HALF a month at least. :)

Oh, and March goals, in case you're wondering? Keep two kids alive, get some sleep, and thank God for the privilege.
Amen and amen.

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