Monday, September 8, 2008

Spend Some Time

This weekend was wonderful. That's the only way to describe it.

Friday afternoon right before I was about to leave work, Alex called. Well, usually I try to let her leave a message because she says she doesn't like to "bother me at work", but I answered. Frantically she spat out phrases like "Paul called", "she can't come", "wanna go?" and the all important phrase: "camp." That one word was really all she had to say. :)

So I call Jason, not exactly to ask permission, but to see how upset he would be if I totally blew off all the plans we had for that night... and luckily, he was totally okay with it! By this point I was experiencing that "OMGoodness - I'm gonna be at camp in like TWO HOURS!!" feeling - you either understand this feeling or you don't. No big. And I call Alex back to let her know I'm going too. (I also asked for details because you see, I zeroed in on that one word, and practically missed the rest of the conversation.) Turns out, the Mother-Daughter Retreat was going on and something came up for the girl who was supposed to lead worship that night, so Paul had called Alex to see if we could come and sing.

The craziest part of all of this is that Friday morning I had written out a prayer about how I really wish I had more opportunities to sing. Camp was such a special time for me for so many reasons, but a huge part of it was being able to worship through song. I just LOVE SINGING!!! Lucky for me, God answers some prayers quickly. (Kinda like when I met Jason... if you don't know that story, you should ask.)

Then Saturday was super fun too - Jason and I realized that we were spending less and less time together each week because of our busy schedules, so it was wonderful to just spend some time together. Quality time, sitting down, having a "smoovie", just looking at each other, and talking. About nothing, about everything, about anything we wanted to. Then we saw Death Race. Yeah, I know, how romantic. :) And it was good - gory, which I'm not a fan of, but the story itself was good. And we can't wait until Eagle Eye comes out on the 26th. Oh, and another movie that looks good (from the people that did Facing the Giants) is Fireproof. Needless to say, we love movies. And cherry coke. And mmmmm popcorn. So much so that we bought one of those giant Indiana Jones buckets, but they're a SERIOUSLY good investment - $0.50 refills until May 2009!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!

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