Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my butt hurts... can I say that?

Last night E.Geyer and I utilized my "Elite membership" at the Rush and decided to work out together. What did we do, you ask? Well, there was a spin class at 5:45, but no, no, no - we did NOT go to that. We did, however, go to the BEGINNING spin class at 6:45. Beginning. As in beginner. As in I've never done this before. Just wanted to clarify that.

Em had been skiing the day before and was sore to begin with. I didn't have any excuses, other than I'm lazy and out of shape. So after 40 minutes of sweating more than I have in at least 5 years, I looked over at Emily and said "hey - this isn't so bad!" Then we kept going for 20 more minutes. Then I said "hey - I can't feel my legs!" But really, it's not my legs that are hurting so bad today, as you might have noticed from the post title. "MY BUTT HURTS!!!!!!" was the email I sent to Em this morning followed by "You wanna go again next week?" :)

Who says I'm not tough.

*To clarify: My butt hurts because when you ride standing up and then repeatedly come crashing back down on that ridiculously hard seat, you start to develop a bruise-like sensation on your booty. So far there are no alternatives to this butt-bruising.


  1. I basically laughed out loud here in the library while I was reading this blog. Unless you have been to a spin class, you can't describe the "butt" hurt feeling. It's not even your butt, but even into the depths of your cervix, but I digress.

    It will get better and that feeling of your legs going numb isn't an all together bad thing. The music they crank up, or used to crank up, is incredible. Oh, I miss teaching there. Keep it up, Guin!

  2. Sarah Guin, I take a spin class twice a week for 45 minutes a class and it is STILL rough 4 weeks of class later...but HOLY COW! I feel like I've earned it by the end of the class. I have two girls from Crusade that take it with me. One of them, Jamie is struggling right beside me. Nicole on the other hand it just going along and gets off the bike just barely glistening while I am having a heart attack....lol It's so worth it though! I recommend y'all go back together! It helps to have a friend go with you! haha

  3. dude. i've done spin classes before. trust me, i feel your pain. you need to get a cushion!! :)


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