Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting Ready!

Hiya friends! I'm excited to see several posts about kitchen ideas!! Feel free to still post, or add something if you think of it!

Sunday afternoon I went to my Mamaw's and raided her cabinets for kitchen stuff, and boy did I get lucky!! She had TONS of great stuff to give me: knives, casserole dishes, mixing bowls, a Nesco (?? supposed to be awesome ??), a ladel, two pie pans, a measuring cup, a popcorn bowl and tons more. I feel very overwhelmed, but more ready each day!

Then last night mom and I got some paint to re-do my dresser. I wish I had thought to take a before picture, but at least I remembered to take a "during"! :) It was made by my great-grandfather and has been every color under the sun. It was plain white and has been since I've had it, except for the time I decided to paint multi-colored stripes on the drawers. Good times. (It actually looked cute!) So I got this "melted chocolate frosty" color to match one of the browns in my bedspread and I think it turned out really cute! I also painted 3 shelves and 2 canvases to decorate the living room area. (Don't worry - I WILL be posting before and after pictures and probably asking your advice on what should go where!!)

Okay, I'm a little embarassed to be putting this on here, but again - keepin' it real. This is the disaster area that is my room.

On the left wall was where the dresser was, so while it's outside drying, I had to just take all my clothes out and put them on the floor. Well, first the bed, but then I had to sleep, so then the floor. It's a total wreck right now, but check back for the sad/happy "This isn't my room anymore" picture soon!


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  1. I'm coming up to Chattanooga and you're moving into your apartment all in the same weekend! Crazy!! Maybe we could run into each other? Good luck with packing everything up, I'm sure it's been so crazy for you!


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