Thursday, January 15, 2009

B'wood Beginnings

Last night began day one, as stated in the previous post, and in ONE LITTLE HOUR Jason and I got a lot accomplished. (I know what you're thinking - one hour? Is that all? And yes, and I'll tell you why in a minute.)
This is the master bedroom that has blue walls and blue carpet with a blue bathroom that has blue carpet and blue floor tiles underneath and blue tiles on the wall. In the bedroom the carpet itself was easy to pull up, but as you can see (no, that's not floor damage) we still need to pull up all the little carpet padding pieces. The floors look great and with a little more TLC they will be BEAUTIFUL!!

Yeee-haw! This is the crazy rainbow room. If you click on the above picture I hope you will be able to see that the carpet is rainbow stripes. Really. No, seriously. I promise I will save a square of it in a frame so that someday we can look back and see how far we've come. (Again, that's not floor damage, just padding junk.)
Finally, the beautiful horse room, that will eventually be the office. (I guess I should have saved my Yeee-haw for this one...) This carpet was the MEANEST. It was really thick and hard and I got poked by staples every 5 minutes. But it's worth it because look how pretty the brown horses match the floors!
  • We also pulled up the carpet halfway down the hall towards the living room, but about that time it had been an hour (we got ALL that done in just one hour, remember!) and we both just started to feel yucky. We wore masks and gloves, but obviously it wasn't enough. When I talked to J this morning I told him I have a bad headache and he said, "Oh yeah? Me too, probably from breathing all that junk in." After today, hopefully we will have all the carpet up, and if we're lucky, we'll haul it off on Saturday morning.
Then it's on to painting!! I may get your opinions on paint colors if we come to a room that we can't decide on. :) (By the way, I do know that this isn't my house.)


  1. yeah!! so much progress already! we'll have that place looking sweet in no time!

  2. Definitely a diamond in the rough....working through the rough right now though lol I can't wait to see it!

  3. why on earth would you pull up that rainbow carpet? it's so pretty.

  4. i have to admit -- i love the horse room. :) i can totally see you playing carrie underwood, wearing your boots and working on your computer.

  5. Hey girl! How exciting! I helped my sister and her husband do this to their first house, and yes, it's a lot of hard work, but it is totally worth it in the end. I thought I would put in for some color suggestions. I love earth tones...dark khaki for the master bedroom (makes easy to match any bedding...goes well with the dark chocolate browns and turquoise blues....OR the chocolate browns and deep reds!) We painted our kitchen this really pretty olive green color, which allows you to tie in those earthy colors from the rest of the house. Just some thoughts. Go to Home Depot and get the paint sample strips with those colors, and you will see how many different accent colors you can bring in when you use those earth tones! LOVE YA!

  6. how exciting! those horse curtains would make a sweet secret santa gift for someone special next year.


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