Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Put Yo' Train Up, Girl.

So like 2 years ago, when Cara was home from Athens, she told Nick (little bro) that the next time she was in Chattanooga, we could all play "Mexican Train Dominos". Well, something always comes up - holidays, other friends in town, etc - and we just haven't had the chance to get Cara over to play. So......

Sunday she came over and we finally got to play!!

First you each take 12 dominos each, hiding them so others won't see...

...they look like this and you start your train with a 12 dot side, (then the next round you start it with 11, then 10, until you get to 1 or just get tired of it all - we made it to 8?).

This was my train at one point, ooooh ahhhhh!!
Sorry, I'm really blanking and I really don't want to explain it all, but here are the rules. :)
Then when we were done, we got real bored and started making designs! I think mine's the best, but I may be biased.
It was sooooo fun!! WE LOVE CARA!!!
The big 2-3 in 0-9! :)

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  1. omg my family loves loves loves this game too!!! its so fun.. and i always win and my brother always says its just luck and i always get mad. haha! but yes, we need to play together sometime soon for sure :)


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