Friday, January 2, 2009

Twenty. Four.

Newest Obsession:

Recently Jason and I have decided to become "tv show watchers". We weren't sure what show we wanted to start watching - Lost, Dexter, 24, Heroes - so many to pick from!!

But we decided to just go for it and pick up season one of 24 at McKay's for $13 right before Christmas break started. Wow. It was CRAZY! We watched all 24 episodes in like 5 days! The show, for those who don't know, is about Jack Bauer, a CTU (counter terrorist unit) agent who kicks everyone's butts. [Chuck Norris wears Jack Bauer pajamas.] Anyway each episode is one hour of a real day, and there are 24 episodes (hence the name) so each season is one full day. Fascinating, really.

I got Jason the second season for Christmas and we will start the 3rd CD tomorrow (so we've watched 8 hours so far). It's addictive!!

Anyone want to borrow season one and obsess with us??

*Oh, and FYI for all my CVP peeps: for like 2 weeks I kept calling it two-four. Yeah, you know like a 2-4, not twenty four? Okay, come on. You get it.

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