Sunday, January 11, 2009

All My Blog Buddies 3

Number 3, baby - Becca Rocha!

I met Becca and her brand new husband at CVP at Alumni Reunion weekend in 2007. Jason told me I would love her (another great choice by him!) and we sat by them in worship that night. It was a while, I think, before we started hanging out, but I do remember going to lunch with her one day and having an INSTANT connection. (Random note: I called her Becca Power like every time I talked about her for at least a year, and I didn't even know her before she was married!) Throughout our time as friends we have had amazing, silly, heartfelt conversations about anything and everything and I value her opinion and insight as a friend, wife, and mother. When we found out that she was going to have Kate, goodness gracious - we knew we'd all be aunts!! This baby has been a HUGE blessing to our group of friends; not only do we have the wonderful example of marriage from Becca and Keith, we now all get to share the experience and watch the wonderful example of their parenting too.



  1. Hey girl! It sounds like you have amazing friends in Chatt-town! That's awesome! I hope you're having a great week!

  2. oh my goodness Sarah...this is the sweetest thing ever. you are just precious and you bless my heart. I'm so grateful for you and our friendship! thank you for the kind words. love you.


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