Friday, January 9, 2009

All My Blog Buddies 1

Dear all my blog friends,

I have decided to start a blog post series giving a short account of how much I love/how I know people who regularly read my blog! How fun, right? So in honor of my first stop blog every day, I'm starting with miss Emily Geyer!

I met Emily at CVP in 2006, she was in the office and I was a kitchie/counselor. I always thought she was a super fun girl and very sweet, but never knew the kind of friendship that God had in store for us. The next summer I worked in the office and she was working at Samford, but she sent letters, photo postcards, and other goodies, and I STILL didn't know what great friends we would become. When David proposed to her at the beginning of this year, Em and I started emailing back and forth about all the fun wedding things she was planning. She moved to Chattanooga in the late spring and we started to hang out regularly then. Becca, Alex, Emily, and I started meeting together for fellowship and prayer and since then we have all been bestest buddies. On any given week, you can find Jason and I over at the beautiful Geyer residence, eating up all their food, being silly, and playing Catan.


  1. and I love YOU, Sarah Pukey! What a fun blog idea :)

  2. I second what Emily says, what a fun blogging idea!! :) And I couldn't think of a better blog inspirer to start with!


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