Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Work-Outs, Weddings, and Wonderful Friends

This is my dog. On my old bed. In my old room. With my greeeeeen walls. And my super cute polka dot sheets (from Dollar General.. yeah, I'm cheap).

This picture has nothing to do with anything but isn't he ADORABLE!?!

Okay, so there HAS been things going on, I'm just really bad at remembering to post. Last night I went to the Rush with Alex and worked my legs off (literally) in spin class. Then we went up to the Walker's for dinner! It was soooooo good (spaghetti, rolls, and salad) and it totally hit the spot. We had a blast just catching up on life and enjoying each other's company. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!

Then tonight, after a good solid day's work, Jason and I went over to the Geyer's for dinner! It also was soooooo good (cheesy chicken casserole and she even left brocolli out of part of it so I wouldn't have to eat brocolli!) and it was way better than my "crappy casserole", as Jason and I have coined it.

[This is a side story, but I made a casserole on Sunday night that ended up terrible. I mean, you'd figure you can't mess up chicken, noodles, peas, and cream of chicken soup, but oh yes, I did. Jason was sweet and said it was good, but I had it Sunday night and then for lunch on Monday and it was crappy both times. Mark that one off the weekly menu!]

Then the boys left to go to Todd's for boy time and Emily and I chatted forever and ever amen. Then Ginny Harr came over!! It was so good to see her - we grew up together and she worked at camp the summer before I did (which was when Emily and David met her, and actually met each other also, I think). She's living in New York and had some great stories to tell.

Now I'm back at the apt. with dead batteries in my camera. Which is why I don't have any fun NEW pictures for you. BUT - my buddy/roommate from college got MARRIED this weekend!! Emily Nagle is now Emily Thrasher. I promise that I will post pictures from the wedding ASAP!! :)

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