Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tatonka - that rhymes with Willy Wonka!

The title of this post has ZERO to do with anything, but that phrase came in my head yesterday and hasn't found its way out yet! So here's to you CVP people!

I decided to go with the Shane & Shane Christmas CD: 1) because I had forgotten that I really wanted to get it after the S&S concert, 2) because it's Shane and Shane, 3) ummm... because I felt like it. I'm going to listen to some of the tracks from the other CDs suggested and probably get them too, though. :)

Yesterday I was sick. Very sick. My head started hurting at work and I took crappy medicine that did nothing for me, so by the time 5 o'clock rolled around I was sooooo ready to get home and get some rest and relief. I had plans with Jason so I totally bailed on him and told him I felt too awful to do anything because I knew I would be mean and crabby. So when he showed up at my door with Panera soup (in a bread bowl) and a cinnamon crunch bagel (w/hazelnut cream cheese - for breakfast today), I was SHOCKED! What a sweetheart! And he brought Kung-Fu Panda so that he could have something to do while I whined, moaned, and groaned. (Just kidding - I watched most of it, I just slept a little bit...)

I just kept feeling worse and worse, so I went to lay down on my bed when the movie was over. Of course I fell asleep and Jason just watched House in the living room. At one point he said "Sweetie? Have you taken Dash out in a while?" "Noooooo... uhhh.... what? Yeah, no, I haven't. Hold on, I'm coming... ZZzzzz..." Then I heard the leash click and the door open and Jason say "Come on you little stinker." I sighed a huge sigh of relief because it was cold and rainy outside and I really didn't want to have to get up.

He is just so good to me, I felt the need to post about it. I felt like crap. I acted like crap. I looked like crap. And he treated me like royalty. Well, sick royalty, that is. :)

I love him.


  1. a)What a great boyfriend!
    b)Good call with the S&S CD, you can never go wrong with them :)
    c)Possibly my favorite title of all of your posts. Oddly enough, I was just being totally lame and watched a camp video because I can't sleep and saw Corey Morrison and thought of that phrase (I mean, they do go hand in hand) So when I check for blog updates, it seemed too much like fate that you would have this as your title! ha!

  2. I love you sarah! I just thought you should know that. And when I read this title I can totally hear you saying it..haha..I miss you and hope I can see you next weekend!


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