Monday, December 8, 2008

Inspired, Jealous, Amazed.

Kerry, Vanessa, and me before the concert began!!

Little Big Town was the AMAZING opening act. I love their harmonies. They are truly amazing. I just want to hang out with them, listen, and take it all in. :)

My absolute favorite LBT song: "Bring It On Home". Beautiful.

The beautiful, amazing, fabulous, extraordinary, fantastic, ridiculous Carrie stinkin' Underwood!!!!!

"So Small" - one of my FAVORITE Carrie songs...

Listen to those pipes!!!

And amazing enough - I ran into Lindsay!!! This is my camper I have been talking about and asking you all to pray for. Here she was - dancing, laughing, and having a BLAST at the concert with her friends. :) Praises to the Lord Most High.



  1. UGH i couldn't be more jealous. Carrie Underwood concert has got to be on the top of my TO DO list FOR SURE. she's amazing. and so dang beautiful!

  2. so since the concert i cant stop singing carrie songs. its seriously insane. :D i had a blast, im so glad i got to go with youuu! :)


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