Friday, December 12, 2008

PW, PDub, PDub-Diddy - any way you say it.

*Read my post about the Chattem Christmas Party below!

Okay, so this post is a small tribute to a super fun website/blog called:

the Pioneer Woman

I'll give you a quick run down of the site. (This run down, of course, is not for Mrs. Geyer, because I know she is well informed, but for the other 4 people who read my blog on a semi-regular basis. Shelby - if you're out there, you would LOVE it.)

So her website it broken up into section: Confessions, Cooking, Photography, and Home & Garden (I was hoping to say that I had to look these up to tell you the specific names, but I didn't.)

Confessions is the day to day "ramblings" with a few love stories sprinkled in. If you are in search of a good read this holiday season, you need to read "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" and get acquainted with Ree (a.k.a the Pioneer Woman). Only do this, however, if you have at least 4 hours to read it. No, really. Ask either of my Emily's.

Then the
Cooking section shows step by step picture instructions of how to make some of Ree's favorite things. Nagle and I have both made these amazing apple dumplings... mmmmmm. She's a great cook - sort of like Paula Dean's younger sister or long lost daughter - get ready for lots of butter, is all I'm saying.

Photography section is really great too. Ree is a self proclaimed amateur photographer who likes to explain photography to us dumb people. (Kinda like Becca has done for me... except she IS a professional.) There is also step by step Photoshop tutorials if you're into that. Which I would like to be. And Home & Garden isn't really my favorite section, but it's neat because they're re-doing part of their house and she gives regular updates and asks for everyones opinions on colors, tile, etc. As of tonight I've been told to read this section more often because I would love the Lodge update, but I haven't gotten to that quite yet.

Well, there you go, buddies. *Anna/Kristin - now you know. So go read it. :)


  1. a) I'm so glad that you put the link up so I can visit now and sufficiently avoid studying by reading her blog!
    b) I wanted to add a comment simply because of our conversation the other night :)
    c) I LOVE that Anna and I got a shout out on your blog, I feel semi famous :)

  2. sarah,
    I miss reading your blog. I'm behind. you have the best randomness ever! merry Christmas to you!

  3. how have i NOT heard of this blog before?? awesome concept and the girl cracks me up! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! discovery of this blog came at JUST the right time. hello new Christmas break obsession! (and aww i loved reading my name, feel so special) love you dear!


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