Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmastime is here...

Post #3 in a series of "let's get these pictures off my camera so I can take more" posts:

Sunday my dad's family came up to the Guin house to celebrate! We usually go to Granny's in Kennesaw, but with 100 schedules to coincide, SOMEHOW spending time on Signal ended up being the best choice!

The beautiful tree at my parents house. I love this place.

The adorably handsome boyfriend of mine that I am more in love with every day and each day realize more and more how lucky I am.... oh sorry- got off on a tangent there. Back to Christmas -

My precious daddy!!! As soon as I showed him this picture he said, "Oh - I look gooooood." Oh, dad. (This is where I get my goofy-ness from.)

The room full of family!

My sweet Granny and Pawpaw - sitting in the same chair. Gotta love that.

My beautiful cousins and Emily's (middle) boyfriend.
And just so you can see what gorgeous genes run in my family, this is a picture of my cousins Hannah and Emily. Hannah (right) is sitting on the left side of the couch in the picture above and is a freshman at Alabama. Emily (left) is in the middle above and is a sophomore or junior in high school. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL!?!

Nick, Dad, and my uncle Danny looking at Nick's College Football Book.

Nick got Wii Fit for his birthday, and he was showing everyone how to hula hoop - it was hilarious!
Me with Granny - yes, she has her eyes closed, but isn't she beautiful!? :)
I love Christmas and I love family!!!!

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