Friday, December 12, 2008

Chattem Girls Christmas!

Thursday night marked my very first Chattem Girls Christmas Party!! We had a buffet dinner at the Fairlyand Club - what a beautiful place! The view of the city from their big picture windows was amazing.

Here's most of our ladies before we started eating.

Me, Linda, and Alexis - Linda, we LOVE sitting by you!!!!!

The present table... oooooh ahhhhhh... No, seriously - there were some great gifts.

The Santa cookie jar I brought (that Alexis ended up with), and in front of that (you can kinda see it) is the Christmas tree tealight candle holder that I got! Oh it's so cute - I already put it up in my apartment. :)

THIS, my friends, was the gift of the night. It got stolen like 4 times (ending up with Teresa) and it's soooooo awesome. It was from Christa (from Target) and it's an Advent calendar!! How cool is that? Each little present has a number on it and a little door to fill each present with a small gift to open each day of December until Christmas. SOOOO COOOL!!!!!

The food was great, the company was wonderful, and the presents were adorable. We had a blast!!!

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