Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let's Get Tacky.

Hello all! This is post #1 of several "catch-up" posts from the past couple weeks!

Starting with.... the Tacky Sweater Christmas Party!

All the super yummy food!!

My bestest buddies - I'm the outcast without a sweater on. :)

Becca's amazing poster - I heard she put it above Kate's crib.

All the goodies!!

Todd stole my Santa teapot.. but it's okay.

The super cool shephard mug that I got!! Isn't it adorable??

Davy got my gift - a reindeer who poops brown jelly beans and a Bionicle, but then Raynolds stole it from him.
That precious baby... she lights up every room.

Check Emily's blog for the tacky group picture!

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