Sunday, June 14, 2009

Now the whole WORLD knows!!

My mom called super early this morning.. okay, so it wasn't super early. I mean, my alarm had been going off for a good 20 minutes. But that's beside the point.

Mom called this morning to tell me that WE'RE IN THE PAPER TODAY!!!! AHH!!! I'm so excited! Check it out if you get a Sunday paper, or click below to see it! :)

Here's the site - we're the 3rd one down.


  1. I saw your announcement this morning as I was reading the paper. The LIFE section is my favorite I love to read about engagements and weddings! Best Wishes! Don't stress! I can't wait to see pictures, I know you'll be beautiful!

  2. I saw it today after church, cut it out for my scrapbook! :) I am so excited!!


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