Thursday, June 25, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

No, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have read the book. But no, this isn't about that!

This is about a SUPER FUN WEEKEND with my MOH and BFF Cara! We met in Atlanta at Lenox Square Mall and spent close to 8 hours shopping! The goal was for me to get "shower dresses" and "honeymoon clothes"!! We went a million places and got stuff from:

Dude, it was awesome.
I went on the trip with a set budget, and came WELL under that, so even though I got a ton of stuff, I knew I wasn't going over my original set limit. And get this - I even got a bunch of work clothes at Ann Taylor Loft, which I included as part of that budget, even though that wasn't really what I was supposed to spend it on. :)
I got some GREAT STUFF!! (including a super cute dress from the Loft that I will be debuting Sunday at the Red Bank Church Shower, plus the cutest shoes from DSW!) Cara made me try on tonnnnnnns of clothes, just to see how different styles look on me, and I've learned that I lean towards classic looks with pops of color. We found pretty much everything on my original list, and all in all, it was a FANTASTIC DAY!!!
Oh yeah, and the bathing suit thing. Don't mix and match bathing suit tops and bottoms from different brands in department store lighting and expect the colors to match in the light of day. And if you do, don't buy from Macy's where you can't exactly take it back the next day. Consider this a public service announcement. :)


  1. the LOFT!! my fave! that mall is awesome too! :) glad you had fun and got bunches of goodies:)

  2. Followed your link over from the comment you left on Simple Mom. Wanted to congratulate you on your wise financial decisions so early in your journey! Best of luck to you.


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