Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blogs I Stalk... other than the obvious

I thought I would give you a short list of blogs/websites that I stalk regularly (other than the obvious shown in my "fave bloggies") :

This Young House - 20-somethings redoing their house - we fit right in
Nesting Place - all things decorating, on a budget
Sunset - another decorating ideas site.. see a theme here?
My Life in a Boys World - Stephanie's blog
Buttoned Up - organizing website :)
Resolved2Worship - random blog I found, and I LOOOVE it - 6 kids and she's pregnant and she re-did her kitchen with like NO money. Gotta love it.
Ducks in a Row - another random one, about family and getting organized, etc.
ShopSmart Magazine - Consumer Reports puts this out
HGTV - anything in the decorating or organizing section... I seriously can't get enough.

That's all for now! Now go have fun.

1 comment:

  1. I just spent forever reading Resolved to Worship's blog . thank you for sharing! where did you find her?

    and I think Thursday when you come over I have a great idea to share with you. maybe two.



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